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Stand Out From The Crowd

Marketing today is highly enterprising, therefore you need innovative business solutions that place your company at the leading edge of your industry and reach out to your audience in a genuine and convincing manner. Although traditional marketing is still relevant in some fields, the only way you can truly achieve a solid foundation and surpass your competitors is through digital marketing. Skilzar is a top-notch digital marketing firm that values collaboration. We are more than just an outsourced agency; rather, we are a crucial part of your marketing team and an asset to the growth of your business. We have built a solid reputation as an all-round marketing agency that produces substantial and specific results. Unlike many of our counterparts that chase marketing trends and try to fit in, we aim to help you stand out and carve your own niche. By doing this, we can clearly define your market and develop targeted marketing around your brand that your customers can identify with. Our Digital Marketing Services Includes:

1. Website Development

We have a team of well-trained web developers who design websites that create exposure and increase revenue for your business. We help you target the right audience using keyword optimization and competitive analysis tools.

2. Google Ads/ Social media ads

Google Ads and social media ads are great platforms to advertise your business online. At Skilzar, we support your short and long-term investment goals through the use of smart, intentional pay-per-click strategy on your Ads.

3. Content marketing

We employ strategic content marketing to design, publish and convey your message to your audience through numerous marketing channels; some of which are emails, videos, social media, search engines and your company website.

4. Social Media marketing

We have a strong marketing team that can promote your products or services on all relevant social media platforms. With us, you can be in the fore front on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media sites.

5. Earned online coverage

Skilzar can help you with greater visibility that increases your online coverage through Earned Digital Media. This includes press coverage, social media mentions, shares and retweets or product and company customer reviews.

6. Online branding collateral

If you are keen on brand building; logos, e-brochures, email design or proprietary graphics are essential. We create attention-grabbing materials that are consistent across all platforms and represent your brand perfectly.

7. E-books, White papers and Infographics:

You can choose to educate your audience and provide in-depth information about your company simultaneously. We create eBooks and white papers which will increase credibility and position your company as the authority in your industry.

8. Conversion Optimization:

Convert leads into loyal customers with Skilzar's conversion optimization tools. We do this by improving your site's effectiveness to boost sales with the same amount of traffic you already have coming in.

9. Ecommerce:

With the expertise of our web team, users can experience the entire store front online. No matter what your business model is (B2C or B2B), we design a site that is easy to navigate and leads visitors from browsing to buying in the simplest ways possible.

10. SEO (Local and National)

We put together all the best search engine optimization elements to give a holistic outcome that increases your ranking for organic Google searches, which consequently boosts your leads.

Let Your Website Work For You

Is your website actually doing its job, or is it a sinking ship, swallowing all your funds with no tangible results? If this is the case then you need a new design, a strong message and a fresh marketing strategy that attracts attention to your business. Contact Skilzar today for a free website audit. We analyse your website to identify loopholes and dead-ends, then we call you to discuss a way forward.